33″ Farmhouse Sink


Crafted from high quality material. In addition to creating a stylish look with an exposed bowl-front, this roomy 33″ apron front kitchen sink provides all the benefits of a hardworking deep basin.

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Apron front
Premium 18-gauge T-304 stainless steel
Scratch resistant commercial grade finish
Drain opening: 3-1/2” standard
Padding: Heavy duty sound vibration dampeners
Underside Coated
A high quality strainer is included
33” x 22 1/4” x 10”

Regular Maintenance

-Clean everyday by thoroughly rinsing with a mild soap and warm water and wipe dry.
-Rub lightly with a soft cloth in the direction of grain lines on a regular basis for additional preventive cleaning.
-Keep the sink free of any standing water as this can cause a buildup of mineral deposit, which can affect the appearance of your sink.
-Any stubborn stains should be removed by scrubbing in the direction of the grain with a mild abrasive such as Comet.
-Always rinse the sink after using any cleaning agent and wipe dry.
-Clean any mineral deposits built up over time with a mild solution of vinegar and water followed by a thorough flushing with water.
-Remove any scratches with a Scotch-Brite pad and cleaning agent rubbing in the direction of the grain or satin finish. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MIRROR FINISH.

-Leave water spots, steel cookware or utensils in the sink for lengthy periods; iron particles often develop rust spots in the stainless steel surface.
-Use a steel wool or scoring pad as it damages the sink surface and causes discoloration.
-Let household cleaning agents or bleach sit in your sink for long periods of time as this may ruin the finish of your sink.
-Leave rubber mats, sponges or cleaning pads in the sink overnight as this will trap water and could stain and discolor the sink surface.
-Use any drain cleaning products containing sulfuric or hydrochloric acid as this will attack the sink.
-Silver cleaners can also contain acids that will damage the sink surface.
-Use the inside of the sink as a cutting surface.

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